Boswellia For Dogs Offers Many Benefits

Boswellia is a plant that has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for inflammation and pain. It is harvested from the Indian frankincense tree, and is also used to treat gastrointestinal disorders, arthritis, and diseases of the skin. Recently, boswellia for dogs has received attention from animal enthusiasts as an effective supplement for treating canine arthritis and other conditions. Fortunately, it is not associated with any of the typical side effects that are often experienced with traditional medications.

Most dog owners are very concerned about the physical condition of their pets. Obviously, such animals are highly active, and usually participate in daily physical exercise. This is why it is essential for the animal to have optimum mobility. However, certain canines experience joint and muscle problems as they grow older, which can significantly limit their activities.

It is possible for dogs to experience virtually any health condition that can afflict a human. For this reason, they require similar treatment when their symptoms are painful or uncomfortable. This is why animal health experts are constantly searching for new therapies that are effective in managing disorders that can lessen the animal’s quality of life.

Some individuals choose to invest in holistic remedies for his or her pet. As previously mentioned, research has been conducted to determine whether or not there are truly any benefits linked to the use of boswellia. Canines experiencing muscle and joint pain were given a dose of the plant and a large percentage of them showed an improvement in their symptoms. Researchers have also noted a reduction of swelling in some dogs to whom this remedy was given.

Although it is important to have one’s dog evaluated by a veterinarian before treating the animal with any holistic remedy, most animal experts are open to the use of boswellia for the aforementioned disorders. This is because studies have shown that the herb is highly effective when used in this manner.

Research conducted in 2004 indicated that boswellia is a beneficial treatment for canines experiencing chronic joint pain. Each dog that participated in the study was given a single dose of the herb every seven days for six weeks. Over seventy percent of the dogs included in the study showed improvement at the end of the trial.

The appropriate dosage of this herb is dependent upon the size of the dog for whom it is intended. For example, one would not give the same dose to a Great Dane as he or she would give to a Chihuahua. Generally speaking, 10-20 milligrams for each pound dog weighs is the proper dose. The herb should be given to the dog mixed in food, as this will disguise its somewhat bitter taste and make the dog more apt to consume it in its entirety.

Although the use of boswellia for dogs has been established as safe overall, pet owners should always discuss any natural treatments with their dog’s veterinarian. Each canine is different, and for this reason it is wise to discuss this decision with a professional who is aware of the animal’s history. Ultimately, satisfactory outcomes are typically reported when this plant is used to treat dogs.

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